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Meet the Giggle Bus                                                                   

~The Giggle Bus is a 30 x 71/2 foot school bus that has been converted into a safe and fun preschool gymnastics facility. 

~Giggle activities are conducted in a dual air-conditioned or heated bus, that is powered by a 
   generator.  This allows us to completely switch-off the Giggle engine.

~We drive to your child's preschool, birthday party, church party, or special event. The children are
   led onto the bus, and
have a
Giggle-fun time on board!

Giggle-equipment includes:
balance  beam, horizontal bar, several tumbling mats, vault, mini-tramp, rock-climbing wall, zip line, parachute, monkey bar, tunnels, slides, parallel bars, ball pit, hula hoops, hand-eye coordination games, and much more!
Equipment is rotated in-and-out of the bus according to the weekly lesson plans.
Each class will be a new and exciting experience!

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