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Giggle  Bus F.A.Q's

How many classes a month?  Giggle Bus has based its tuition on a 4-week month.  During the course of the year your child will receive 3 to 5 lessons per month, which averages out to 4 classes per month.  Tuition will not be pro-rated.
What If my child is absent ?  If your child is absent the day of the Giggle Bus, full monthly tuition is still due.  If the bus has mechanical problems, we will schedule a make-up class.
How and when do I pay?  Payments are due BEFORE the first class of every month.  . Please leave your payment in the Giggle Box at your center when you drop your child off at school.  Invoices are sent out to your e-mails one week before the payment is due.  Late payments will be subject to a $10 late fee.
Where do I Leave OR send my CHECK?  If paying by check,cash or money order, place tuition in the Giggle Box, in the front office of your preschool. If you wish to mail your check please do so to: 12507 Sagittarius Dr E. Willis TX 77318

If I want to discontinue the Giggle Bus? Once enrolled in The Giggle Bus, your child will participate each week. However, you may discontinue at any time by contacting us before the start of the new month by email, a phone call, or note placed in the Giggle Box at your local center. 

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